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How to turn off video autoplay on Facebook and Twitter

The social media autoplay feature was originally designed to promote ads, and although this is a common marketing ploy, many users were annoyed. But recently, the situation has turned for the worse, and after all, criminals used this method to spread disturbing videos all over the Internet and users could not get rid of it. If you want to avoid such a fate, then in this article we will tell you what you need to do to disable autoplay on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on Computer

So, if you have the ability to turn off autoplay on Facebook through a PC, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your Facebook page
  • At the top of the page on the right you will find an inverted triangle sign, click on it
  • Through it, go to the settings menu and click on the “video” tab which is at the very bottom of the list, you can navigate by the movie icon next to it
  • Go to the “Autoplay video” section and click on the “default” button and then disable this function
  • If you want to turn it on again, follow the same steps and click on the On button.

How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on Android

If you’re wondering how to turn off autoplay on Facebook from android, here’s what to do:

  • Log in to the Facebook app
  • On your page, find the “three dots” icon
  • Click on it and go to “app settings” and then go to the “Autoplay video” tab and disable it
  • To change your action, follow the same path but select the “on” button. or “Wi-Fi only”

Facebook developers noted that if you cannot find the automatic video playback function in your application, you need to exit it, close it completely and then log back in.

How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on iPhone or iPad

For Apple products, there is a way to get rid of this feature:

  • Go to the Facebook app and find the three-line icon
  • There go to settings, then click on the “video” and “autoplay” tab and disable the function

To restart the function, repeat all the steps described above, only press the On button.

How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay on Computer

To do the same on Twitter, you should do the following:

  • Log in to your Twitter account via PC
  • You will immediately see the menu window, in it click on “settings”
  • So you will go to edit your account, there go to the “content” section
  • In a new tab, you will be able to find that next to the video tweets there is automatically a tick “Autoplay video”
  • Uncheck this box and do not forget to click on the “save changes” button

How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay on Android or iPhone

The way to disable autoplay video in the Twitter mobile app is the same for any operating system. To do this:

  • Go into the Twitter app and go to settings
  • In the “general” section, find the “Autoplay video” tab and click on it
  • Here you will have several options to choose from, either temporarily disable or disable autoplay forever
  • Choose the second option and confirm your actions
  • To re-enable autoplay video, follow the same steps, and then click “Use mobile data and Wi-Fi”