Best cloud storage management

Best cloud storage management service for modern business

The question of how best to store your company’s data is increasingly being raised among entrepreneurs. The answer to this question is cloud storage management services that help users simplify storage management across different types of clouds. In modern business, entrepreneurs prefer to transfer their entire IT infrastructure to cloud servers, and in this article, we will tell you about the best cloud storage management services that will only benefit your company.

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Overview

This solution combines all modern technologies that make it a powerful tool for managing all types of data that are in the cloud server.

This server downloads and uploads information in the form of files, tables, and other forms with special built-in functions that simplify management.

Despite the complexity of the process that takes place inside the program, it has a very intuitive interface, and so that you can simplify your work, even more, you can work with the Azure Resource Manager.

As for security, only the best HTTPS processes are implemented in the program, and there are also data access functions determined by user roles.

Most of all, this program is suitable for big business, because the program is aimed at managing a complex data structure and a large number of cloud functions.

AWS Storage Overview

AWS Storage has several options for managing cloud storage, depending on the file and data types and how they are used. This way the program can help you build a more efficient workflow.

Among the options that the supplier offers you are:

  • Persistent storage with high availability
  • Local storage for databases
  • Storage for cloud migration
  • Deep Archive Storages
  • Backup and disaster recovery storage

The main goal of the program is to provide higher quality and larger storage capacity and at the same time efficient access to storage.

cloudHQ Review

The sync function works to its fullest with cloudHQ, because it is well supported with many popular platforms such as Google Drive and Gmail. At the same time, the level of its integration with cloud servers is also very high. Its main feature is that it offers backup protection for all G Suite apps if your organization uses one. And if your other offices use other apps, cloudHQ will still sync all your accounts with G Suite, which greatly simplifies all your workflows.

The program offers both free and paid versions (with a 15-day trial version), and if you nevertheless made a purchase but then realized that it does not suit you, cloudHQ is ready to refund your money if you informed the suppliers about this within the first 30 days use.

MultCloud Review

MultCloud helps you simplify your management by combining all of your cloud storage into one platform. This program helps you copy, paste, and sync files between your two cloud solutions making it faster and more efficient.

Also, the program can perform the process of migration and synchronization of updates for you, you just need to schedule this process and specify a specific period. This process can occur even when your system is shut down.

The main advantages of this program are a reasonable price and simple use, but there is also a disadvantage – the program does not contain mobile applications, which means that you will not be able to do work except the office, it is not very flexible, but as it is.